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Our Philosophy



South Shore Capital Advisors works with over 75 clients; individuals, trusts and retirement plans. We directly manage over $170 million in assets, and the principals of the firm indirectly advise our clients on hundreds of millions more. We are committed to competitive performance and full transparency in all that we do, and to maintaining an open and regular dialogue with our clients. We operate by the fiduciary standard meaning that we are duty bound to act in the best interest of the client.  We always have and we always will. 



A global approach to investing is fully integrated into the equity and fixed income investment decisions that SSCA makes. This is important today more than ever as the number of investment opportunities globally is expanding while the number of U.S. - based opportunities is shrinking based on the number of publicy listed companies. We believe that to ignore half the world is to ignore many good companies and investment opportunities.

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While the circumstances of each of our clients are unique, SSCA offers the same resources, expertise and personalized consulting to all of our clients. Regardless of account size, our clients have confidence that their accounts are in trusted hands.

Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago
— Warren Buffet