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Source:  The Conference Board

Global GDP growth is outstripping US growth. In the next decade

the US will represent only 17% of the world's GDP. 

The typical US equities investor has allocated 74% to US equities when they constitute less than half of global equity investment opportunities.


The SSCA business model is conflict free. We are grounded by a Fiduciary Standard, work only for fees, and are not affiliated with any brokerage firm.

SSCA looks for investment opportunities globally. In an increasingly interconnected world we believe investors must not restrict their search for value to a single geography. With this approach we double our universe of potential investments and gain insights from analyzing investment opportunities in one country that we can employ elsewhere. Global diversified portfolios have also been shown to reduce risk as measured by volatility. For those reasons our standard offering is a global balanced portfolio.

The principals of the firm have a combined 40 years of experience working for some of the largest investment firms in the US and overseas. We believe that this experience not only offers unique perspectives when making investment decisions, but allows us to tap a network of experts that we can bring to bear to our clients' advantage.


  • . Each portfolio is customized to reflect the client's risk profile and income requirements.
  •   We also offer US only equity and fixed income portfolios that, while not holding foreign assets, benefit from the global  perspective. 
  •  We do our own research and choose every investment so that when we say "we know what you own and why" we have the data to show you supporting our approach.
  •  We encourage, and in fact look for, a full and open dialogue with our clients, and are willing to discuss the merits of any portfolio investment.