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Individuals with 401k plans from previous employers may want to consider converting that plan into a "Rollover" IRA. This tax free transaction offers the ability 
to place retirement savings into an individually managed account where fees and investment options may be more advantageous.

Regulatory changes (ERISA 408(b)(2)) are set to highlight some of the very high fees that businesses have been paying to their 401K providers. SSCA offers an unbundled 401K solution that provides a potentially lower cost option as well as the following services:

  • Fund Menu Design
  • Investment Policy Statement Design
  • Employee Education and Meetings
  • Quarterly Investment Review
  • Investment Committee Participation

The SSCA principals believe that their deep knowledge of the mutual fund industry obtained from over 20 years of client relationships with many of the industry's leading firms, including Fidelity, Putnam, MFS, American Funds, Franklin Templeton, and Vanguard, provides a unique resource for our 401k clients.


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